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"I would strongly recommend this course for any medical student, resident, or recently independent physician who wants to make the best financial decisions for their future (and really, who doesn't?)"

- Winston P.

Does the thought of student loans make you want to run far, far away? Does personal finance seem so complicated that you're afraid you could never figure it out? Do you feel panicked every time someone mentions saving for retirement?

Managing money can actually be less complicated than the Krebs cycle, and you managed to learn that. After taking this course, you will no longer feel overwhelmed by personal finance. You will feel confident that your money is in very capable hands - yours!

As medical students and residents, we don't have a lot of spare time. Why waste more of that precious commodity worrying about money? I'll help you make some key decisions so that your finances can mostly run on auto-pilot, leaving you to do the things that make you happy.

In this course, we discuss the topics that are most nerve-wracking - managing student loans, saving for retirement, obtaining disability and liability insurance. But we also delve into how building good financial habits will allow you do more of what you love.

As an added benefit of this course, all participants are invited to join a monthly live session to answer your questions and continue the discussion of how to Live Like A Resident!

"This course consolidates the essentials of personal finance for doctors into an easy-to-digest format. Even with a busy residency schedule, there's time to look at this and reference back to it. I also love that there's a section for medical students: that information isn't easily available anywhere else."

- Joe N.

By enrolling in this course, you will go on a three-month journey from being overwhelmed by personal finance to confidently setting automated money decisions that allow you to focus on what is truly important: your life!

Month 1: Finding Financial Self-Awareness

Month 2: Managing Student Loans

Month 3: Making Money Work For You

Each month you will learn high-yield financial topics that have been distilled to their simplest message and apply it to your own situation. Monthly live calls will explore these decisions in greater depth.

"I really enjoy listening to anything that [Sara] talks about as she is so talented and just gifted at teaching."

- Anonymous

Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial professional. This course is intended to teach the basics of personal finance and should not be construed as individual, personalized financial advice.

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